Touring Mitsuwa Marketplace

  Get ready for the first OC FoodFiend Tour! In this post, we'll be checking out all the great variety of food that Mitsuwa has to offer. One of my favorite places to eat when I'm being indecisive, you'd be surprised what this supermarket food court can offer! Note that I'll be listing the names … Continue reading Touring Mitsuwa Marketplace


Raising Cane’s in Costa Mesa

When news of a Raising Cane's opening in Costa Mesa began, people were going crazy, including my sister. This was the first time I've heard of them and she would not stop raving about how delicious and moist the chicken was, hyping it to be the perfect chicken tender. But why else were people so … Continue reading Raising Cane’s in Costa Mesa

Inside the Bleu House

Forget about the 3 little piggies, lets huff and puff this house down. Food is fantastic (although the price may be a bit steep for some) and the ambiance is great for catching up with friends. I'm absolutely in love with the outdoor seating here, feels like sitting in a backyard. Blended Potted Plant: milk … Continue reading Inside the Bleu House