Nekter Introduces New Healthy Frozen Treat: SKOOP!

Summer is coming and Nekter is introducing a brand new healthy product for you to indulge your sweet tooth! Skoop is a rich and creamy frozen treat that is gluten-free and dairy-free! You hear that? DAIRY FREE. Not only does it taste way better than those frozen pints of dairy free ice cream, it's also … Continue reading Nekter Introduces New Healthy Frozen Treat: SKOOP!

This Halloween, don’t fog-get about Nitrolado!

When you're in Orange County, there's no shortage of delicious dessert spots. With this much competition, the only way to survive is to be willing to change with the trends and push yourselves to create the next unique offering! Nitrolado is a prime example of this. An ice cream shop offering an array of unique … Continue reading This Halloween, don’t fog-get about Nitrolado!

NEW Moderno menu at BRIO Tuscan Grille

We recently had the opportunity to check out the new Moderno menu at the BRIO Tuscan Grille which introduces new menu features such as: small plates for two, renewed drink selections, and a new chic looking menu. Let's just first start out with the seating options here.┬áBRIO Tuscan Grille does a splendid┬ájob of transporting that … Continue reading NEW Moderno menu at BRIO Tuscan Grille

Zero Degrees from Perfection

There is one main reason that I will choose Zero Degrees over any other custard ice business and that is their addictive Boba Sundae. With the option of getting either thai/green tea with caramel drizzle and condensed milk, it's a recipe for pure perfection. I'm actually so surprised that no one thought of this beforehand, … Continue reading Zero Degrees from Perfection

A Cauldron of Sweets

The Cauldron opened earlier this year in Santa Ana and was a smash hit on the ice cream scene. Similar to Creamistry, the ice cream is hand-made on the spot with liquid nitrogen. The main difference that sets them apart is the Puffle Cone that they serve your ice cream in,their limited menu (with rotating … Continue reading A Cauldron of Sweets