All You Need to Know About the OFF THE MENU CLUB (OTM)

If you haven’t heard of it already, the Off The Menu (OTM) app has recently expanded to Orange County and you may be wondering what the deal is so let’s dive right into.

What is the Off The Menu Club?

OTM Club is a membership club that allows you to redeem a free food item from their weekly selection of restaurants for the price of $20/month. Options change every Sunday at 10AM and you’ll be able to pick from their 7 OC restaurants or 7 LA restaurants to redeem from. The location of the restaurants are spread across those counties and you’re allowed to redeem ONE item per day per restaurant only. Also, you are expected to tip and per their site, “If it comes to our attention that a tip was not left, you will receive a formal warning. A second strike will lead to immediate and permanent removal from the app.”

What kind of food is offered?

From my experience, I’ve been able to redeem items such as coffee (valued $5) from Portola in Costa Mesa, a full Chicken Sandwich (valued $11) from Bird Talk in Garden Grove, and other items such as boba, Malaysian curry, and more. For example, this specific week has a few of the freebies seen below for redemption.

How do I redeem my item?

To redeem your free item, you would need to download the OTM Club app and select the freebie you would like. You are limited to ONE free item per day and can only redeem from each restaurant once. In the additional details for each restaurant, you’ll find info on additional discounts (such as 10% off your order, upgrades for a discount, etc), details of the item, and a note to tip!

Is Off The Menu worth it?

If you’re down to travel for food and want to try new things or explore new areas, I would definitely recommend it! Some of these items are normally $5-$10 and as long as you redeem a few times a month, you’re already getting your moneys worth. It’s also a great way to try something you may not have have tried otherwise or for those who travel a lot on the daily.

Something to consider is if you have strict dietary restrictions or do not like traveling, your options can pretty limited as the restaurants can be very spread out and since there are only 7 items per county, you’d have even less to choose from if you cross off the options you’re unable to enjoy. Although you can still enjoy the membership as I’ve seen options such as acai bowls, teas, and coffees; you just won’t have a full selection.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, you would either need to know a friend who can send you an invite code or contact them on their site here

If you’re down to try them out, you can also use my code “OC11” on the app to get $10 off your first month!

Location: Los Angeles and Orange County area

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