Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Co. Brings the Heat with NEW featured specials!

Fun Fact: “Oggi” stands for today in Italian, symbolizing the freshness in their ingredients and the “here and now” of the latest sports games that are offered at their multiple locations!

This Summer Oggi’s Pizza and Brewing Co. is bringing the heat with their new featured menu items such as their Hatch Chile Salad, Habanero Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Harissa Chicken Sandwich, and a Moroccan Pizza! Each new dish will have a recommended IPA pairing for your maximum enjoyment listed on the menu.


Spicy Harissa Chicken Sandwich


Hatch Chile Salad

Although it sounds pretty spicy, the seasoning has a pretty light kick to it so don’t let that steer you away from trying these dishes if you’re at the restaurant!

For more info:


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