Costa Mesa

Dough & Arrow Brings Edible Cookie Dough to Costa Mesa!

I scream for…cookie dough?! Edible cookie dough is one of the latest trends to hit Orange County and here’s the scoop on what to expect on your visit to Dough & Arrow in Costa Mesa!


Fun Photo Op Inside Dough & Arrow



Dough & Arrow Menu


Cookie Dough Flavors

The design of Dough & Arrow exudes fun with their vibrant pink walls and a fun GIANT COOKIE sculpture that makes for a great photo op! Their menu satisfies all your cookie needs with a variety of edible cookie dough, cookie cream lattes, and freshly baked cookies. Now, the first thing you might be asking yourself is…

How is the dough edible? The cookie dough at Dough & Arrow contains no eggs and contains heat treated flour so it’s perfectly safe for you to consume raw!


Special cone created by @x3hoppie


Cookie Dough Sandwiches aka the D’oh Boy

You can purchase their dough in scoops on a cone, in a cup, in a cookie sandwich, or even grab a Pint O’Dough to bring home. If you’re not a huge fan of raw cookie dough and would like to actually bake cookies, you can request a bake able batch to be made and they’ll get that packed up for you as well, for the same price! Some of the flavors that you’ll find are: Green Tea, Peanut Butter S’more, Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip, Funfetti, and Red Velvet.



Sea Salt Cookie Cream Latte

The drink menu at Dough & Arrow offers lattes, iced teas, and COOKIE MILK! Cookie Milk is basically just milk that’s been soaked with the cookies and strained; the pink coloring comes from the Red Velvet cookie.


Freshly Baked Cookies from Dough & Arrow

On your way out, you can also purchase a box of their freshly baked cookies to bring home. In addition to the original cookie dough flavors, they offer a couple unique flavors such as their S’more cookie, Oatmeal Blueberry, and Kitchen Sink cookie!

Address: 3033 Bristol St Ste Q Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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