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Green’s Babkas: Shipped From NYC Straight To Your Door

If you’ve never heard of a Babka, you’re not alone. It was my first time trying a Babka, let alone even hearing that word, and I was very excited to be able to try them from one of the most popular providers of Babka in the nation, Green’s Babkas. I mean, if you look up, “where to buy Babkas?” Green’s Chocolate Babka is the first link to pop up so that definitely says something about the business.


Green’s Bakery Babkas

So, let’s start with the basics, what is a babka? Well, it’s a mix between a loaf of bread and a dessert, similar to coffee cake. The texture is very light and the combination of dry layers with the swirls of cinnamon or chocolate, can make it a perfect pair with coffee or tea.


24 oz Chocolate Babka

Green’s Babka offers two main flavors: Original Cinnamon and Chocolate. I tried them both and I actually prefer the Chocolate (I mean, just look at all that chocolate!!) They definitely did not go skimpy on the chocolate and although the layers were slightly dry, the chocolate evened it out to create a moist yet flakey texture….not sure if that makes sense but it was definitely something that I wasn’t too used to at first.


Nutrition Label for the Chocolate Babka

According to Amazon, the 24oz  should be able to feed 10-12 people and the shelf life is about 6-8 weeks. They come shipped in a box labeled FRAGILE to assure your Babkas come in near perfect condition!

Each 24oz loaf is priced at $8.49 but Green’s offers other sizes like their 14oz Babka for $6.49, 16oz Mini Babka for $6.99, and 26oz Round Babka for $10.49. Their bakery is based out of Williamsburg, but they do have an online store for your convenience that also sells other baked goods like their Hamantashen, Rugalach, fancy cakes, and even gift baskets!

For more info:


Products were provided by Green’s Babkas for review

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