Grand Opening: Drill’d Ice Cream Offers Infused Ice Cream + Promotion

Orange County has no shortage on trendy desserts and we’re about to welcome a new addition in the form of Drill’d Ice Cream to Fountain Valley! In addition to their specialty drill’d combinations, they offer regular scoops of ice cream with flavors like Vanilla, Coffee, Matcha, Mango, and more. You’ll also find Jameson Whiskey ice cream that actually contains alcohol so you’ll have to be 21+ to try!




What exactly is Drill’d Ice Cream?

The soft serve is fused using a specialized drill machine that completely mixes different ingredients of your choice such as chips, cereals, and more with their base ice cream flavors.



B.Splitz Drill’d Specialty

When is the Drill’d Ice Cream Grand Opening?

Grand Opening will be on January 20th at 6PM in Fountain Valley.

What’s the Grand Opening promotion?

The first 100 in line will get a free menu item and the second 100 customers will get 50% off their purchase. Everyone in line will have the chance to win a Nintendo Switch through a raffle.


Recommendations: B. Splitz Specialty

Location: 18279 Brookhurst St Ste 2 Fountain Valley, CA 92708 (next to Paderia)

For More Info:


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