The Wall Introduces New May Menu Items

If you’ve been keeping up with the Instagram, you’ll notice that The Wall is one of the restaurants that I come back to and visit every so often. Why? Because they’ve always got something new in store! The creative minds behind the kitchen are always thinking of new specials and fusions to spice it up and it’s not hard to find at least one new favorite item from their creations.

What are some of the new menu items available May 2019?

Tzatziki Fries


Fries topped with tzatziki sauce, feta cheese (lots of it!), red bell peppers, parsley, and lemon. I’m not a huge fan of feta cheese, but if you’re craving fries and want something light on the tummy, this might be the dish for you.



Made with snapper, leche de tigre, red onion, cilantro, and chicharrones! Another refreshing and light item on the menu, a bit different from the typical ceviche as there’s not too many ingredients blended into this, but this paired perfectly with the chicharrones.

Firecracker Wings 


If you love fish sauce, these wings are for you! Perfect amount of sauce and packed with flavor, they’re a much welcomed addition to their menu. They also offer three additional wing flavors; so choose from their specialty Gochu-Cola, Harissa (be warned, it’s spicy!), and Honey BBQ. Hopefully they add more flavors because these make the perfect side to their beer on tap!

Sloppy Joe Sliders 


A classic but goodie, these sliders keep it simple with beer cheese and onion straws. They also added a Hot Chicken Slider which I’ll definitely have to come back to try!

Tourons & Chocolate Stout Mousse


Can’t forget about dessert! My new favorite dessert at The Wall is their Tourons made from fried banana spring rolls, diced mango, sesame seeds, and ube ice cream. I’m a sucker for warm and cold desserts and the fresh fried spring rolls with the cool ice cream definitely hit the spot. So tasty! 

What else is on new on the menu?

Check out the photo below for a copy of their menu as of May 2019. The circled items are the new menu items only available for a limited time so try them quick before they’re gone!

Recommendation: Firecracker Wings, Sloppy Joe Sliders, Tourons

Location: 80 Plaza Square, Orange, CA 92868

For More Info:


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