Dine in a Greenhouse and Enjoy Locally Sourced Ingredients at the new Cultivation Kitchen in Anaheim

The long awaited Cultivation Kitchen is now officially open in the Farmer’s Park area located right in front of the popular Anaheim Packing District! The beautiful fast casual restaurant allows you to dine inside a lovely greenhouse or in their outdoor dining area complete with lounge chairs by the fire, benches for parties of all sizes, and even a bocce ball court!


Cultivation Kitchen sign


Cultivation Kitchen Greenhouse


Lounge outdoors by their three fire pits


Play bocce ball!

What’s unique about Cultivation Kitchen?

Aside from the beautiful decor and setup, Cultivation Kitchen is proud to present a delicious variety of entrees while using locally sourced (and organic) ingredients as much as possible! They also use 100% natural meats in hopes of creating meals that not only taste good, but make you feel better too! From the looks of their Core Values, they strive to be eco-friendly through recycling when possible, working together with local farms to compost all produce and biodegradable scraps, as well as giving back to the local communities through 1% of their total profits. You can read more about their story on their website here.

What kind of drinks do they offer at Cultivation Kitchen?



Tea at Cultivation Kitchen


Brewed Tea and Probiotic Mimosa

You can find a variety of drinks here such as their Craft Beers, organic and sustainable wines, organic bambucha kombucha, shovel to cup coffee, and organic teas by Art of Tea. The cool thing about their selection is that they’ve all been locally sourced from within California! I had a chance to try their tea and absolutely loved how fragrant and light it was.

What kind of food does Cultivation Kitchen offer?

There’s an array of healthy options at Cultivation Kitchen depending on your appetite and preferences, there’s something on there for every one in the party. Their menu offers items like Mix-N-Match Healthy Plates (where you pick your own sides and proteins), salads, sandwiches, acai bowls, and light appetizers to share. This menu is offered from M-F 11am – close and Sat-Sun from 3pm – close.


Crushed Avocado


Mix-N-Match Plate


Grass Fed Steak + Baked Rainbow Potato


Organic Chicken + Roasted Butternut Squash



Sustainable Salmon + Quinoa

Cultivation Kitchen also offers a brunch menu from 8am – 3pm on weekends. Check out their brunch and full menu here.

I thoroughly enjoyed how open and airy the restaurant felt with it’s large open doors, glass walls, and high ceilings. Even the drink bar is clear purposefully so that you can easily make conversation with employees. Overall, Cultivation Kitchen is a much welcomed addition to the Anaheim Packing District Farmers Park offering a beautiful outdoor space to relax with friends and family all while enjoying a healthy (and light) meal with friendly customer service.

Recommendations: Crushed Avocado, Hot Teas, Mix-N-Match Plate

Location: 350 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

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