Raising Cane’s in Costa Mesa

When news of a Raising Cane’s opening in Costa Mesa began, people were going crazy, including my sister. This was the first time I’ve heard of them and she would not stop raving about how delicious and moist the chicken was, hyping it to be the perfect chicken tender.

But why else were people so excited? Possibly due to the fact that they wouldn’t have to drive past deserts and mountains to Las Vegas to get a taste of their favorite chicken. Yeah, that’s pretty understandable.

When I visited a little bit before lunch time on a Saturday, the lines were out the door. They even hired a security guy to guide people to parking and control the lines. So with all that, I expected these chicken fingers to blow my mind as I waited in the 30 minute line.

So I’ll just let you know now. I’m not much of a veggie eater. So the Cole Slaw on my combo, wasn’t the MOST appetizing thing I would want on my plate. Surprisingly though, when I asked if there were substitutes the guy offered to add either: an extra Texas Toast, more fries, or an extra sauce. I opted for more fries of course.

  • Caniac Combo: 4 Chicken Strips, Fries, Cole Slaw, Texas Toast, Cane’s Sauce – $10.99

Now in regards to the taste, honestly, it was alright. The sauce was good, similar to the Chik-fil-a Sauce, but you can taste the herbs more. The chicken was tender, yes, but not as moist as I was hyped to believe. So although it was good in regards to chicken tender standards, I just can’t see myself running back here for more.


Raising Cane’s | 3150 Harbor Blvd Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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