Zero Degrees from Perfection

There is one main reason that I will choose Zero Degrees over any other custard ice business and that is their addictive Boba Sundae. With the option of getting either thai/green tea with caramel drizzle and condensed milk, it’s a recipe for pure perfection. I’m actually so surprised that no one thought of this beforehand, so major props to Zero for that. The boba is consistently sweet and chewy and for a boba addict such as myself, its the best dessert for when I’m not craving tea.

  • Thai Tea Boba Sundae: Thai Tea Ice, Vanilla Custard, Boba, Caramel, and Condensed Milk – $3.75
  • Check in on Yelp for extra 10% off


  • Matchata: Horchata, Matcha Tea, and Boba – $3.67
  • Berry Milk: Blended Berries and Milk – $3.67
  • Milk Tea/Thai Milk Tea – $2.75
  • Drink Jars – $1.50

You would think that a business such as this would only specialize in the custard and offer mediocre drinks, but surprisingly the drinks here are just as great as their desserts!

The stand out drink here is the Matchata, a unique combination that is sure to satisfy any Matcha or Horchata fans! The tastes compliment each other extremely well and is something I would definitely come back to drink again.

Zero Degrees | 9822 Bolsa Ave Ste C, Westminster, CA 92683


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