Huntington Beach

Convos and Coffee for 2

Catch up with your friends at Coffee for 2! Nestled at the Windsor Apartments located next to the Bella Terra, Coffee for 2 offers a simple menu of coffees,teas, and light breakfast items such as various toasts (like avocado, bruschetta, etc), waffles, and pastries.


Coffee for 2 Menu

The store itself feels like it came straight out of an Ikea catalogue with a very natural feel that I definitely loved, I mean look at all that green! There’s also plenty of lounging space for anyone who is interested in a place to study or catch up with a friend over coffee for 2 (ha! see what I did there?)


Plenty of seats inside

Anyways, at Coffee for 2,  you order, find a seat, and pick up your items at the counter. Due to the simplicity of their menu, don’t expect a full on heavy brunch here. The items are meant as a light dish to accompany a morning cup of coffee, but they were both simple and delicious as a snack. I also tried the Matcha Blend with whip cream, but there was a bit too matcha Matcha (pun intended) in the drink which got tiring real quick. Didn’t get the chance to try the coffee, but overall the place looks to be simple cafe to check out if you’re looking for a new study spot in Orange County.


Waffle + Ice Cream



Bruschetta Toast

The main issue with Coffee for 2 is the parking as it’s located at the Windsor Apartments where most parking spots come with a time limit or are reserved for the apartments. I advise parking at the far corner of the Bella Terra where AT&T is located and just walk a couple minutes over so you’re not wasting time searching for a spot or worrying about your car being towed.

Check out their site for more info here:


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