Texas De Brazil opens first location in California!

Let’s start with explaining what a typical Brazilian Steakhouse is like for all you other first timers out there. Basically you’re paying a set price for access to the buffet area filled with numerous sides and goodies, as well as access to the meat servers who often walk around with these giant skewers of varying meats ranging from chicken wrapped bacon to filet mignon all for a set price (excluding drink and dessert, boo.) Definitely recommend flagging down the Flank Steak server as often as possible.


Photo taken by Yelp User Chiante M. 

Each server carries a different meat, but all the servers vary in how often they walk around with the cheaper meats making their rounds faster than the higher quality cuts. Every table also has a small green and red pog that you flip to signal when you’re ready for the meat carriers to come by to offer you more or when you’re too full and just want some time alone time to reflect on your carnivorous ways. As you sit, your main server will bring some complimentary plantains and potatoes for you to snack on.


Sample plate of meats and veggies

In between waiting for meats, you can also make your rounds through their buffet area with items such as lobster bisque, a giant cheese, shrimp, or build your own salad. It’s not too large of an area because the meat is the star of the show here, but they’re sufficient enough to fill your appetite.


Sample of the buffet offerings

The restaurant also offers various desserts and alcoholic drinks but sadly those will have to be purchased separately. We tried both the regular flan and the Brazillian Flan and they were both very sweet and dense; though they’re perfect palate cleansers before you head into that food coma.


Brazilian Flan

Overall, seeing as how it’s their first location in California, it’s definitely a place you can put on your list just for the novelty of being able to experience Brazilian BBQ in Tustin.

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