Be a Chubbee Monkee at this new Orange County food truck!

For some odd reason, Spring season just makes food trucks all the more appealing. Maybe it’s being able to sit outside and enjoy your food wherever, but definitely particularly drawn to them during this season.

Anyways, Chubbee Monkee is a fresh new food truck to Orange County serving up fan favorites such as their Smoked Brisket Fried Rice, Garlic Shrimp, Monkee Wings, and refreshing Italian Sodas.


Chubbee Monkee Truck


Chubbee Monkee Menu

Chubbee Monkee offers a variety of entrees for you to devour, but one of their most popular dishes are the Monkee Wings. Perfectly seasoned with a hint of spice and served with a side of rice, these wings will definitely satisfy those lunchtime cravings. Pair it with either their Thai Tea or house made Italian Soda and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the work day. They also offer a large variety of Italian Soda flavors, but their Green Apple is the most popular!


Jungle Fries, Monkee Wings, Thai Tea, and Green Apple Italian Soda

Check out their website to learn more about Chubbee Monkee and where they’ll be stopping next:


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