Event Recap: Pacific Wine and Food Classic 2017

Take me back to the Pacific Wine and Food Classic please! Thanks to their team, I was able to attend the first annual event this year and it was wonderful! The weather was perfect, the food was aplenty, and what is there to complain about sipping on drinks with your feet in the sand?? So before I get too much into it, let’s start with the basics.

What is the Pacific Wine and Food Classic?

A two day culinary experience with summer inspired bites from top local chefs, over 100 wines and handcraft cocktails, celebrity chef demonstrations, and more! Located on the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort. For more details about the event and ticket prices check out my previous article here.


2017 Pacific Wine and Food Classic 



The backdrop for this event was absolutely perfect and I’m so glad they decided on this location for the event. There was plenty of parking from the resort at a reasonable $10 right in front of the entrance so no need to waste time searching for parking.

Like my previous article stated, there were two types of tickets, General and VIP. Luckily, I had the chance to experience the VIP admission and I know I say this a lot, but VIP makes a HUGE difference depending on how organized the event is and on the added benefits. Being able to enter 1 hour early meant the lines were extremely short and I was able to quickly go through a lot of the vendors for quick bites. You also got access to the Patron area which I’ll go more in depth about further down. Although if you did do General Admission, there was still plenty of time to visit all the vendors and from what I saw, they were fully stocked enough on food and drinks to last through the event.

Speaking of bites, there was a pretty good variety for you to try like empanadas, cold sesame noodles, tacos, and even fresh oysters! The awesome part was that everything was included in the price and the bites weren’t just cheapy filler items, these chefs were legitimately providing you high quality samples. The waits aren’t too bad and you’re free to get back in line as many times as you’d like for more! pacific-wine-food-classic-festival-newport-beach-dunes-event-vip-orange-county-ocfoodfiend-oc-fiend-blogger-review-what-where-is-instagram-social-media-influencer-italia



What about the drinks?

When you first enter, you’ll notice a table with a bunch of wine glasses for you to carry around the event and taste the 100+ wines. BUT, in addition to that, I really enjoyed the fact that they offered some delicious cocktail alternatives for the non wine drinkers! My favorite vendor there was the Bacardi booth serving up their refreshing Barcardi Punch, I probably drank about 4-5 cups of those alone because they were SO GOOD!



Additionally, if you purchased the VIP tickets you were granted access to a sectioned off Patron area that had a couple more vendors serving up bites, two Patron bars, Patron Infused Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches (which actually sounded better than it tasted), a cute Instagram Boomerang photo op, and more tables!



Overall, it was a very well organized event and my whole party thoroughly enjoyed every part of it! In addition to the food, wine, and cocktails, there was a Silent Disco tent and some beachside games for more fun times. Definitely an event I would go to again next year!

On a completely random side note though, a cool thing I noticed was the jumping fish that were flipping around in the water! For those of you who attended the event, did you notice it too?? Let me know down below!

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