Take a Culinary Walk at Savor Santa Ana Sept 14th

Savor Santa Ana is back again! Explore downtown Santa Ana and taste bites offered from over 40+ restaurants while roaming through the music-filled streets with friends and family. Take a stroll from each restaurant to the next or hop on a trolley to take in the sights, student performers, and live musicians.

How does it work?

The event runs from 5PM-9:30PM on Thursday, September 14th through out Downtown Santa Ana. To check out the tastings, you’ll need to go to the Ticket Booths and purchase Tasting Tickets that you’ll redeem at each restaurant for whatever bite they’re offering. Tickets are 5 for $10 and there are two Ticket Booths available: Spurgeon Promenade (4th and Spurgeon) and West End (4th and Broadway). Keep in mind that some bites will cost more tickets than others to get and you’re also free to come back to any booth to purchase more tickets along the way.

Which restaurants will be participating?

The restaurants that are participating will usually have a sign out front (or a crowd of ticket holders). The list for this year hasn’t been released yet, but a few of the restaurants that participated last year were: 4th Street Market, Blackmarket Bakery, Chapter One: TML, Gypsy Den, Starbucks, Yojie Japanese Fondue, Copper Door, and more.

When I went last year, I thought it was a pretty fun way to spend a Summer night! I liked the fact that you can buy the tickets in small quantities so you can kind of test the waters to see how you enjoy the event. If you buy like $10 in tickets and find out out it’s not your thing, then you can just leave with no hassle. Additionally, other than the money spent on tickets, there’s no entrance fee or anything although you do have to find parking yourself. I also really enjoyed walking from each restaurant to the next because it gives you a chance to explore Downtown Santa Ana and check out a restaurant you wouldn’t normally walk into. So check it out and let me know in the comments how you liked it!

Check out their website for more info:

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Cover picture courtesy of Eventbrite Savor Santa Ana

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