Grand Opening: Teas, Desserts, and More at Macchiato in Santa Ana + Promo

If you’ve been to the Bleu House in Hacienda Heights, then you’ll definitely want to check out their sister store, Macchiato, opening in Santa Ana! Unlike the Bleu House that has a variety of entrees in addition to their drinks and snacks; Macchiato is a cafe that serves their signature potted milk teas, lattes, desserts, and snacks like popcorn chicken!

What are some of the Signature Items?


Potted Signature Milk Tea + Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches


Regular Macarons

Potted Plant Milk Tea – their signature milk tea topped with crushed oreos and whipped cream

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches – house made macarons offered in a variety of flavors such as Stawberry, Pistachio, and more. Ask the cashier for available flavors!

What are the Grand Opening promotions?


Soul Kiss + Blue 27

Macchiato will be offering a Buy One Get One deal for their drinks from April 27th – 29th 10AM-11PM.

Check out a sample of their menu below: 


Waffle Menu


Basic Tea Menu

Macchiato’s original location can be found in Monterey Park and they’re also currently working on expanding to more locations in Fullerton, DTLA, and San Marcos by the end of the year.  If you check them out, I’d love to hear what drink you liked in the comments below!

Location:  1935 E 17th St Ste A1, Santa Ana CA 92705

For More Info:


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