Everything you Need to Know About John’s Incredible Pizza at the Westminster Mall + Coupons

If you love places like Chuck E Cheese then you’ll definitely want to check out the new John’s Incredible Pizza located inside the Westminster Mall which celebrated their Grand Opening April 2018! The mall itself seems like it’s becoming a large entertainment center and with the addition of John’s Incredible Pizza, there’s no shortage of fun for the kids. Here’s all you need to know before you visit!

How does the pricing work?

Upon entering, there are several kiosks that you can access that will lead you through the purchasing process for admission and game cards. The admission price you pay at the entrance includes an all you can eat buffet pass and access to the game area. There’s a couple different prices depending on the time of day and your age which you can see below in a screenshot taken from the John’s Incredible Pizza official website.


Kiosks upon entering


Admission and Pricing

Although the admission ticket allows you to access the games and buffet, you can’t actually play anything unless you purchase a reloadable FunCard. The FunCard only needs to be purchased and activated once, unless you lose it and need a new one. When purchasing a card at the entrance, you can opt to receive your tickets either printed out (like regular game tickets) or digitally loaded onto the card.


FunCard Pricing

What kind of games and rides are offered?

There’s a pretty good variety of games here for all ages. Some of the games you’ll find are videogames such as Transformers and Jurassic Park, crane games, bowling simulation, basketball, and more. In addition to games, they also have a mini bumper cart and swing ride located inside the game room.


Bumper Carts


Virtual Bowling


Prize Wall

The John’s Incredible Pizza mascot bear also makes his rounds often offering free balloons to kids and posing for pictures.

What can I expect at the buffet?

One of the coolest parts about the buffet is that there are 4 different themed dining rooms that you can pick from to sit in, each with their own attendants to assist in clearing tables and other requests.

  • Toon Time – very colorful with cartoon themed seating and posters of popular toon characters on the walls.
  • Hall of Fame – sports bar themed with TVs playing the latest sports games.
  • Cabin Fever – with a fake fireplace and stone walls, this room is designed to look more like a homey cabin.
  • Kaleidoscope – a modern dining room with lights, sounds, and tvs to play movies.

After finding your seat and leaving the receipt at the table (to notify attendants that you’ll  be back), you can head off to the buffet!

The buffet includes a build your own salad bar, plenty of pizzas (with some interesting flavors such as Spicy Peanut Butter, Fajita, and more), fried chicken, potato wedges, build your own pasta station (with different pastas and sauces), and a dessert bar. The dessert bar includes items like brownies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and a soft serve machine.


Variety of food from the buffet

If you purchased the drink option, you’ll also have access to their drink station which includes a pretty fancy coffee machine , icees, sodas, and teas. The drink price does not include alcohol at their mini bar, but you can purchase beers, wine, and margaritas separately there.

The receipt does note that during busy hours there is a 2 hour limit that can be imposed and that if your table has been empty for more than 10 minutes, the attendant can start clearing off the table.

Are there any coupons, promos, or discounts?

Yes! There are a couple discounts and promos going on that can be found below.

$6 all you can eat weekday lunch coupon – Valid Monday-Friday until 3PM, expires on April 27th. Offer valid of E-Club members.

Star Wars Movie Night – Watch a Star Wars movie May 2-4th at varying showtimes inside John’s Incredible Pizza. $14/adult and $10/kid includes buffet, drink, admission price, and a $5 FunCard. Offer valid for E-Club Members.

Special $25 Groupon Admission Ticket – One admission which includes drink and 2 hours of unlimited video games/rides, and a $10 FunCard. (I’d recommend picking this up when there’s a Groupon discount code active!)


One of large private rooms

John’s Incredible Pizza has something for everyone, but of course, their main focus is catering to what kids love most. In my personal opinion, the food quality may not be the best for adults but the kids absolutely LOVE it since there’s a little bit of everything that they enjoy eating at a very affordable price for the parents! In addition to their dining rooms, they also have multiple large private rooms that you can book ahead of time for any birthday parties and events.

If you do check it out, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Location:  1025 Westminster Mall, Westminster CA 92683 (bottom level close to the old Sears entrance)

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This experience provided by Johns Incredible Pizza, but opinions are that of my own. 

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