Sharetea Introduces new Summer Peach Teas

Summer is right around the corner and Sharetea is ready to quench your thirst with their new refreshing Peach Teas. There are 3 new Summer drinks in total that will only be available for a limited time!

What are the 3 new drinks?


1. Kiwi Peach Tea – Kiwi Puree, Peach Puree, Tea, and Jelly.


Kiwi Peach Tea


2. Strawberry Peach Tea – Strawberry Puree, Peach Puree, Tea, and Aloe Vera


Strawberry Peach Tea


3. Ice Blended Peach Tea – Ice blended Peach Puree, Vanilla Ice Cream, Lychee Jelly


Ice Blended Peach Tea

All of the drinks are made with a peach puree and cannot be adjusted in sweetness levels (although you can still adjust the ice level for the teas). The sweetest drink, which you probably guessed, is the Ice Blended Peach Tea thanks to the vanilla ice cream, but the other two are at a pretty good spot in terms of sweetness.  You can also substitute any of the chosen toppings for another one if you like. Grab these drinks before they’re gone July 1, 2018!


Recommendation: Kiwi Peach Tea with Boba

Location: All Sharetea locations

For More Info:


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