Bruxie’s Introduces 2 New Sandwiches on Portuguese Buns

Bruxie’s is well known for the Original Fried Chicken Waffles Sandwiches but now they’re changing it up with the addition of 2 new chicken sandwiches served on Portuguese Buns!

What are the 2 new sandwiches at Bruxie’s?

1. The Boss Sandwich

Bruxie’s Signature Fried Chicken, shredded romaine lettuce, tomato, pickles, and Bruxie sauce.


The Boss Sandwich

2. El Jefe Sandwich

Carnita-spice rub fried chicken, cabbage jalapeno cole slaw, chipotle mayo, and red pickled onions.


El Jefe Sandwich 

Both sandwiches are served on Bruxie’s new Portuguese Buns. Pair them up with any of their seasonal shakes, waffle cut fries, or their Arnold Palmer for a tasty meal!

Recommendation: El Jefe with a side of waffle cut fries

Location: All Bruxie’s locations. Find your closest location here.

For More Info:


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