Yogurtland Introduces New Light Ice Cream + June Flavors

The flavoroligists over at Yogurtland are hard at work this Summer and they’re ready to introduce some new June flavors as well as their first ever light ice cream flavor!

What is the new light ice cream flavor?

Just in time for the Summer, Yogurtland’s first of it’s kind light ice cream flavor is….

Butter Pecan!

The flavorful nutty pecan has more than 50% less Fat Content compared to the Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream flavor and is perfect to indulge in guilt-free!

What are the new June flavors?

1. Blue Raspberry Sorbet – flavored with Jolly Rancher

2.Cookies N’ Cream S’mores – flavored with real chocolate chip cookies, marshmallow, and milk chocolate


PC: Yogurtland

All of these new flavors are available beginning June 18th for a limited time only so if you’d like to try them, stop by your local Yogurtland before it’s gone!

Location: Find your local Yogurtland location here

For More Info:


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