Papa John’s Introduces new BBQ Meat Pizza + Discount

If you’re getting ready for pizza night, you won’t want to miss this. Papa John’s is introducing a new BBQ Meat Pizza and they’re celebrating with a special promotion!

What’s on the BBQ Meat Pizza?


BBQ Meat Pizza

Smoky Southern-style BBQ sauce topped with pepperoni, sausage, beef, bacon, and Canadian bacon. It’s a twist on their classic Meat Pizza!

Don’t forget to add a side of these tasty garlic knots!


Side of Garlic Knots (8 pieces)

What’s the promotion?

From now until August 12th, you can get a medium sized BBQ Meat Pizza for only $6.99 with promo code “MEATS” If you’re looking to add any of their other original priced items (like their garlic knots), try promo code “PEPSI25” for 25% off regular priced items!


Location: Papa John’s (find a location near you here)

For More Info:


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