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Midori Matcha Opens First Location in Orange County

If you’re a fan of Matcha you’ll be excited to hear that Midori Matcha, a local favorite originally from LA, is finally coming down to Orange County! The cafe celebrated their Grand Opening August 5th 2018 at the SOCO Mix in Costa Mesa serving their popular teas, pastries, and soft serve!

What makes Midori Matcha different from others?

Midori Matcha is known for producing simple and quality drinks using only the highest grade of Matcha also known as Ceremonial Grade Matcha. As an advocate of health and fitness, Dmitry Steinbuchel founded the company in hopes of creating a healthy alternative to the usual sugary teas that are a popular trend at other cafes. He wanted to really focus on Matcha’s known benefits such as being high in antioxidants, an organic energizer, and for it’s natural amino acids that help with mental focus and alertness. In addition to the items at the cafe, Midori Matcha also sells their cold brewed organic tea in bottles at local markets which you can find here.

What are some of their signature items?



Matcha Blueberry (left) and Hojicha Latte (right)

At the cafe, you’ll have a choice between their 11 teas such as Cold Brewed Matcha, Matcha Latte, Hojicha Latte, Matcha Blueberry, and more. The teas here are not sweet, perfect to drink with one of their pastries!

2.Matcha Pastries and Desserts


Matcha Desserts


Matcha Croissant

Specific to the Costa Mesa location, Midori Matcha has a partnership with Stefano’s to exclusively create these delicious matcha goodies such as their flaky Matcha Croissant and Matcha Cakes. If you’re a fan, they also offer catering for weddings and events! Just email them or speak with an employee for more details.

3.Soft Serve 


Matcha and Black Sesame Swirl Soft Serve

If you can’t decide between their Matcha or Black Sesame Soft Serve, why not pick both in a swirl! The soft serve here is very creamy and can be served in a cup or cone. Just remember to eat it up quick before it melts!

This location can be found inside the SoCo Mix and has both indoor and outdoor seating. For an added bonus, come on a Saturday to explore the SoCo Farmers Market located right at the parking lot from 9AM-2PM!


Midori Matcha at the SOCO Mix

Recommendation: Matcha Croissant, Swirl Soft Serve on a cone, Matcha Tea

Location: 3313 Hyland Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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