Impossible Meat now Available at Yalla Mediterranean

Yes, you read it correctly! The popular patty introduced by Impossible Foods is a game changing protein that tastes like meat but is entirely plant based and is now available at all Yalla Mediterranean locations! If you haven’t heard of Yalla, they are a fast casual Mediterranean restaurant serving up fresh from scratch produce and fire grilled proteins made to order.

What items can you get the Impossible Meat on?

The new Impossible Meat is available as a protein for any of Yalla’s entrees and each order normally comes with 3 patties as seen in the pictures below.



Chopped Greek Salad with Impossible Meat

Pick from either the Chopped Greek or Power Greens salad as a base, then pick your choice of grilled protein to top it off!



Lebanese Wrap with Impossible Meat

There are 4 different regional wraps you can pick from: Greek, Street, Moroccan, and Lebanese.



Customized Plate with Impossible Meat 

Plates are served with Basmati Rice and your choice of either seasoned vegetables or spiced lentils. You can also choose 3 Yalla sides from their 10+ options such as Greek Potato Salad, Moroccan Carrot Salad, Hummus, and more. Don’t forget to get your free side of pita bread!

Overall, the Impossible Meat compliments all the entrees at Yalla and is a great substitute for any of their other protein choices. Currently, the only Yalla location in Orange County can be found in Seal Beach so definitely check them out if you’re in the area or find another location near you here!

See the full menu here.

What are some other specials?

If you’re looking to save, you can download the Yalla app to get a $5 bonus. Additionally, Yalla has a great fundraiser that gives 50% of the profits to your organization, just check out the link here for more details!


Yalla Special 

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