Experience Chef’s Table at the Anaheim Hilton

This past week, I received an invitation from Hilton to attend their Chef’s Table dining experience hosted by the Anaheim Hilton’s world renowned Executive Chef Frederic Castan. Although this was a sponsored visit, all opinions are my own and I wanted to share that experience with you all here!

What is Chef’s Table?

Chef’s Table is a unique dining experience available at the Anaheim Hilton. Located in a redesigned section of the hotel’s kitchen, Chef’s Table allows parties up to 12 to enjoy personalized set courses from Chef Frederic Castan and his team all while watching them prepare those dishes right before your eyes!

Who is Chef Frederic Castan?


Chef Frederic Castan

With more than 30 years of culinary experience as executive chef at the finest resorts such as St. Regis Resort Monarch Beach, Westin South Coast Plaza, and Ritz Carlton Hotels (just to name a few); Chef Frederic Castan uses his accumulated culinary knowledge and skills to creates a unique style that focuses on elegant flavor utilizing innovative new products with quality ingredients from the Southern California region. His commitment to excellence also earned him the 2005 Master Chef of France award!

How was my personal experience?

This was my first time experiencing this style of dining within a hotel kitchen and it definitely was not what I expected! To enter, you’ll proceed through the kitchen located in the Anaheim Hilton’s MIX restaurant. From there, you’ll proceed to the Chef’s Table dining area that was actually designed by John Gidding himself!

For this particular event, we were served beautifully plated small bites to fully experience the variety of dishes created by Chef Frederic Castan and his team using quality ingredients and interesting flavors.

Seeing the team create each dish was very entertaining to watch and through out the meal, Chef Frederic Castan was very personable in sharing his story with guests and an all around pleasure to meet.

When we finished our dining experience, we were then treated with enjoyable desserts at the pool deck fireplace provided by the Anaheim Hilton catering team. From handmade ice cream to this delectable Pumpkin Pot Au Creme, you can tell the team really cared about creating a variety of desserts to suit all palettes.


Desserts from the Anaheim Hilton Catering team

After all was said and done, it was time for bed at where else but the Anaheim Hilton! Along with their cozy sheets, I was surprised to find that one of my favorite things in the hotel room was their complimentary toiletries by Crabtree and Evelyn!


Overall, it was a great experience and the Chef’s Table would definitely be an interesting dining experience to share with an intimate group.

How can I get more information on booking for Chef’s Table?

The Chef’s Table dining experience can be booked for all types of events such as a small reception, private business dinner, or intimate group dinners. If you’re interested on getting more information, you can contact Janice Bernard, Associate Director of Catering and Events, or check out their Catering website here for more details!

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