No Weigh Tuesday at Yogurtland + Promo

Now’s your chance to fill your cup up with as much frozen yogurt and toppings as your heart desires with No Weigh Tuesday happening at Yogurtland!

What is No Weigh Tuesday at Yogurtland?

To celebrate their first true custard product, the Butterfinger Frozen Custard, Yogurtland is celebrating with No Weigh Tuesday where you can fill up a 16oz cup as much as you’d like and pay only $5 without paying by the ounce!

When and where is No Weigh Tuesday?


The event is happening on November 13th from 4PM-9PM at ALL participating Yogurtland locations. The franchise has more than 320 locations across the U.S., Australia, Dubai, Guam, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, Thailand, and Venezuela. Of course, flavors are always subject to creative change and availability.

What does the Butterfinger Frozen Custard taste like?


Thanks to Yogurtland, I had the chance to try the new Butterfinger Frozen Custard and if you’re a fan of Butterfingers or similar flavors, you’ll love it! It always amazes me how well the Flavorologists at Yogurtland can make it taste so much like the real thing while still keeping that smooth texture of the custard. For a limited time, they’ll also be offering Butterfinger Bites as a topping for that extra crunch!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for a sweet time on November 13th.

Location: All participating Yogurtland locations

For More Info:


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