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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Introduces Spiciest Flavor Yet!

If you’re a local to Orange County, you’ve probably seen Gringo Bandito in your local grocery stores with their signature Original, Super Hot and Green sauces, but get your taste buds ready for their spiciest flavor to date.

What is Gringo Bandito?

Gringo Bandito was founded by Dexter Holland, the singer of punk rock band The Offspring, over 10 years ago in Southern California. What started out as a hobby, became a full on business after Dexter received an overwhelmingly positive response to his first batch given as Christmas gift to friends. Nowadays, you can find Gringo Bandito at Walmart, Sprouts, and other local grocery stores.

What is the new Gringo Bandito flavor?


On May 5th, Gringo Bandito welcomed their brand new Yellow Sauce to the family. Made with habanero peppers and scotch bonnet, this new flavor is definitely the spiciest of their sauces so far and can be used to add an extra kick to any meal (but a little goes a long way, so take it easy on the amount).

How does it compare to the other sauces?

In my opinion, the Yellow Sauce compared to the others, has a much bolder and tangier taste to it with the habanero peppers. So personally, I enjoyed it more than the original sauce.

For a second opinion, I let a spice loving friend, sample these sauces and to date they’ve been using the Yellow Sauce on just about everything from tacos to pot pies, so it’s definitely worth giving it a try if you love spice!  

Where can you purchase the new Yellow Sauce?

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find the new Yellow Sauce exclusively on or their website here.

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