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New Summer Dessert Menu at Toast Kitchen & Bakery in Costa Mesa

Toast Kitchen + Bakery may be known for their modern brunch dishes, but have you heard about their new Summer dessert menu? With a variety of beautiful desserts created with the collaboration of their team and executive pastry chef, the new desserts taste just as amazing as they look!

What’s on the new Summer Dessert menu at Toast Kitchen + Bakery?



Pavlova is a dessert with a meringue base and at Toast you’ll enjoy it with raspberries, vanilla anglaise, sonora wheat streusel, and a scoop of refreshing mandarin sorbet.

Pistachio Mousse


Layered mouse with cacao strawberry gelee, cherry, pistachio sable, and a scoop of strawberry white chocolate ice cream.

Bread & Chocolate


Huge chocolate lover? The Bread & Chocolate is named exactly as it is. A huge slice of their specialty bread with caraibe, candied cocoa nibs, brown butter, rosemary olive oil, and levain.

Pine Nut Cake


Served warm, this pine nut cake is served with apricot puree, blackberries, and a charred corn tortilla ice cream.

Bay Leaf Panna Cotta


The refreshing panna cotta is topped with yuzu granita, basil seeds, pineapple, and candied lime.

Thin Mint S’Mores Pie


Perfect for a thin mint lover, this pie has a graham cracker base, fudge, and topped with a marshmallow cap.

I loved how creative and beautifully presented all the dishes were and it’s definitely not what you would expect from a restaurant that specializes in brunch but still oh so tasty! A perfect treat to end your meal here but if you’re too full, just stop in to try this Summer Dessert menu before it’s gone!


Recommendation: Pine Nut Cake, Pavlova, Thin Mint S’mores Pie

Location: 1767 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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