Discovering El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana

Browsing Santa Ana, you’ll find no shortage of restaurants (or even food trucks) serving up tacos and tortas; but compared to those places, El Gallo Giro raises the bar as they’re serving up tortas, tacos, burritos, and even their own paderia open 24/7!


What food is popular at El Gallo Giro?


El Gallo Giro is known for their tortas where you’ll find seasonal specials like their Double Asada Torta or Super Gallo Torta; or other menu favorites like their Cubana Clasica which is packed with



As the food at El Gallo Giro is Mexico City style which is known for their pork and Al Pastor, their most popular item is of course the Carnitas. They’re also serving up other meats from Carne Asada to Fritanga (Carnitas, Belly, and Snout).

Agua Frescas

Made with fresh fruit, El Gallo Giro offers flavors like Spinach & Pineapple, Horchata, Strawberry Lemonade, Passion Fruit, Jamaica, and Mango. For the Summer season, they’ve added two new flavors: Mamey and a refreshing Chia Lemon flavor. Depending on how thirsty you are, you can even purchase sizes ranging from small to a gallon for take out!

Fiesta Packs 


With all the variety of foods that they serve, El Gallo Giro is a convenient stop for all your party needs. They serve various sizes of Fiesta Packs that include 2-5 pounds of meat (you can even mix and match which meats!), beans, rice, fresh tortillas, chips, and salsas. While you’re there don’t forget to pick up some fresh desserts like their specialty cakes or pan dulces.


Pan Dulce



Are there any current promotions at El Gallo Giro?

Their specials change with the seasons, but I went ahead and listed a few of their Summer specials below.

  • $24.99 Family Pack 2 lbs Carnita (serves 4) comes with beans, rice, red/green salsa, tortillas, and lime. Regular price is $33.
  • Buy One Get One 50% off for any flavor of their agua frescas.

Drink Special


Pan Dulce Special

Recommendation: Carnitas, Pozole Rojo, Super Galo Torta

Location: 1442 S Bristol St #1A, Santa Ana, CA 92704

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