NEW Moderno menu at BRIO Tuscan Grille

We recently had the opportunity to check out the new Moderno menu at the BRIO Tuscan Grille which introduces new menu features such as: small plates for two, renewed drink selections, and a new chic looking menu.

Let’s just first start out with the seating options here. BRIO Tuscan Grille does a splendid job of transporting that Tuscany decor and atmosphere to their restaurants (pictures below are from the Irvine Spectrum location.) You can choose to sit inside or out, both are very open spaces with plenty of lighting and ventilation. We especially loved the outdoor seating area, especially on a sunny cool day.


Complimentary Bread with oil and vinegar

Before we start looking at the menu, let’s just sit here and admire this complimentary bread basket. Not sure what the flatbread was, but it felt extremely healthy to munch on and the staff here are definitely on top of bringing it out right when you’ve sat down for a bit. Another awesome service they offer here is if you’ve got a child in your party, the server will bring out some unbaked pizza dough for them to mold into whatever animals/shapes they can imagine. Afterwards, they’ll take your little monkey’s creation and send if off to the oven to be baked! How cute is that?

Okay, let’s start the food porn. First on the menu for our visit was the NEW small plates for two. It’s a great way to try out different appetizers without being too full for the main course. There’s a list of 8 options that you can choose from such as: Mezza Beef Carpaccio, Mezza Sausage & Pepperoni or Margherita Flatbread, Mezza Tomato Caprese, Maple Balsamic Brussels Sprouts, Sicilian Cauliflower, and White Bean Dip. From this range of options you can pick either 2 for $12.95, 3 for $16.95, or 4 for 20.95. This new addition to the menu is a great option for sharing and even just to snack on with some wine. If you’re not much of a wine drinker, I highly recommend the White Peach Palmer! Normally, it’s hit or miss on how restaurants balance the amount of tea and lemonade but this drink here was perfectly sweetened and very refreshing! We must’ve downed 3-4 cups of these bad boys.


Maple Balsamic Brussel Sprouts – bacon, capers, pecans, reggiano


Mezza Beef Carpaccio – field greens, capers, mustard aioli, parmesan

If you saved up enough room in your stomach, then next up is the main entree. They had a wide variety of items on the menu but we opted to try out the NEW Moderno menu items such as the Shrimp Risotto & Broiled Lobster Tail and the 8oz Center Cut Filet Mignon with Roasted Tomato Basil Fettuccine. Both options of which were extremely delicious and flavorful!


8oz Center Cut Filet Mignon with a side of Roasted Tomato Basil Fettuccine ( $29.95 )

If you’d like to sample any other items, you can easily add special addition items such as Jumbo Lump Crab Cake or a Broiled Lobster Tail for an additional charge. The steak was so tender and flavorful, definitely one of the best items that night.


Shrimp Risotto and Broiled Lobster Tail ($25.95) – mushrooms, roasted red peppers, asparagus, basil, parmesan

For all of you seafood lovers, this new Moderno menu item is simply heaven. With a balanced portion of shrimp and risotto, it pairs very well with the lobster tail that lies atop it.

After you’ve stuffed yourself with the breads, small plates, and entrees. Feel free to top of your dinner with their desserts such as creme brulee, tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake (featured below), and strawberry crumble. We tried the chocolate cake and boy, is that cake rich. If you do decide to try it out yourself, make sure to get a little bit of strawberries, olive oil gelato, almonds with each bite because that’s when all the flavors even out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Flourless Chocolate Cake served with strawberries, olive oil ice gelato, and almonds

That’s it for our visit to the BRIO Tuscan Grille. Hope you enjoyed reading that and we would definitely recommend for a dinner date night option!

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