This Halloween, don’t fog-get about Nitrolado!

When you’re in Orange County, there’s no shortage of delicious dessert spots. With this much competition, the only way to survive is to be willing to change with the trends and push yourselves to create the next unique offering!

Nitrolado is a prime example of this. An ice cream shop offering an array of unique flavors made on the spot (similarly to Creamistry) and served with “fog”. Gradually experimenting with new flavors, offering the first churro bowl in a variety of flavors, and even adding teas to the mix, Nitrolado is constantly introducing new ideas and we’re loving it!

This Halloween, for the month of October, they’ll be offering three NEW flavors: Red Velvet Brownie, Pumpkin Spice with Caramelized Bacon, and Coconut Lavender (pictured below.) Want it in an LED light up cup? Every night starting October 24th after 7PM until Halloween night, you’ll be able to snag one of these cups to add an extra spooky effect to your delicious dessert.


Coconut Lavender served in an LED cup

In addition, they’ll also be serving their Strawberry Rose Tea in these super cool IV bags, just in case you want to play vampire for Halloween. It comes cold with no ice, so we would definitely recommend asking for a cup of ask if you’d like to dilute it a bit and enjoy it slowly.


Strawberry Rose Tea

For flavors we absolutely recommend the Durian Avocado special for all you durian lovers out there. Bits of durian are mixed into the ice cream and served with mashed fresh avocado (check it out in the picture below.) Seriously refreshing and a perfect blend of flavors!


Durian Avocado

Although it can be considered a little pricey, with one cup being approximately $7. The taste is worth it you find a compatible flavor and you can definitely split one cup with two people!

Need even more reason to stop by Nitrolado? From October 28th through the 30th, come in costume and get buy one get one half off for any customers in costume! So bring the whole crew to take advantage of the deal.

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