Habana’s Sunday Brunch Buffet Available at the Irvine Spectrum!

If you’ve read the last article about Habana’s brunch buffet, then you probably are already aware of how beautiful their setup is and about all the delicious offerings! Luckily, they’re now expanding their Sunday brunch buffet to their NEW Irvine Spectrum location starting on January 14th.

What’s different about the Habana’s at the Irvine Spectrum?

Plenty! The new Habana’s offers everything the owners had wished for in opening their restaurant. Designed to look like a mansion, it’s easy to forget that you’re still at the Irvine Spectrum when dining inside. There’s plenty of both indoor/outdoor seating and they offer live entertainment occasionally on weekends. With their large layout, they’ve added two new additions to the restaurant: the extra outdoor bar and the bakery. There’s already a bar located inside the restaurant, but the extra bar outside offers an open space for those who are just looking to grab a quick drink.


On the opposite side, you’ll find the bakery where you can pick up beautifully made desserts such as fruit tarts, flan, passion fruit pastries, as well as coffees and teas. The layout makes it very easy to access any part of the restaurant with two main entrances, one leading to the bar/restaurant and the other leading to the bakery.


So what’s the brunch buffet?

The brunch buffet was first introduced at the original Habana’s in Costa Mesa back in April 2017 (read about it here.) With it’s huge success, Habana’s decided to offer it at their new Irvine location every Sunday from 10AM – 3PM starting January 14th. Prices for adults will be $38 and $19 for children 10 and under. Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price but coffee and alcoholic drinks are excluded.


What will be offered at the brunch buffet?

The brunch buffet offering here is like no other in Orange County that I’ve seen. They serve items ranging from your traditional pancakes to crab claws and you can definitely taste the difference compared to the typical buffet. There’s a build your own omelette station, as well as a pancake topping station and everything is beautifully presented with decor that fits perfectly into the restaurant theme.

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Along with the buffet, you can also order alcoholic drinks (not included in the buffet price) such as their popular Fresh Coconut with Rum with the two rum options of white ($10) or dark rum ($12).


Brunch buffet at Habana’s is a pretty fun experience with their lively music, beautiful decor, and variety of offerings. There’s plenty of seating options for parties of all sizes either for a special celebration, family brunch, or just a couples date. I’m also ecstatic about the many parking options here compared to the Costa Mesa location as parking at The Anti-Lab can get pretty packed quick. Anyways, I’d love to hear about your experience here as well as any other brunch buffet recommendations you might have in the comments below!

Recommendations: Fresh Coconut Rum and Crab Legs

Location: 708 Spectrum Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

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  1. I watch food beast and they show case the Havana and it showed lechon on the brunch!! Is there any particular Sunday we need to go for that lechon??

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