Costco Tests New Food Court Self Service Kiosk!

If you’ve gone to Costco, then you’re probably all too familiar with the process of hunting down a parking spot, finding which lines are the shortest for purchasing, and waiting in the winding lines for some good ol’ Costco pizza. Well, good news for all of us, it looks like Costco is now testing Self Serve Kiosks to hopefully ease the Food Court lines!


Spotted at the Costco in the Tustin District, the Self Serve Kiosk has multiple stations for ordering and is located right next to the lines for Food Court payment. You can now walk up to a touch screen, pick the items and quantity you’d like to order, and pay for it right then. Currently, it only accepts Electronic Payments but from my experience, it was a very quick and simple process.


For customers paying with cash, they still kept some of the regular order windows open for your convenience. After you’ve paid for your order, a receipt will print out with an order number. Listen for your number at the designated pick-up windows, grab them when they’re ready, and you’re good to go!



From my past experience, the payment process was what seemed to cause the wait time as it usually doesn’t take them long to grab your order. So I am in love with this new system as it expedites the process immensely since multiple customers can order, pay, and pick up within minutes. The only issue I can see is that there were no designated lines drawn out to wait for the kiosks, but as it’s still in a testing phase, they can find a solution for that later on. Check out this detailed article from FoodBeast for more info!

Anyways I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Costco Food Court Self Service system? Let me know in the comments below!

Location:  2700 Park Ave, Tustin, CA 92782

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*updated 03/01/18

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  1. Love this!! My husband helped design the kiosk application. I have seen that screen on his laptop many times for the past few months. Glad to see it’s helping with wait times! I also love being able to see the menu so easily to decide on the order.


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