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LA’s Joon Shabu Shabu Opens Second Location at the Tustin District

The Tustin District already has a wide variety of restaurants, but this time they’re changing it up some more with the addition of Joon Shabu 2! Originally from LA, Joon Shabu is known for their house made sauces, quality cut beef,  and fresh ingredients.

How do you order?

1.Pick a broth


Mixing the Tokyo Spicy Sauce 

Instead of a pre-made broth, Joon Shabu provides the pot of hot water and allows you to mix your own desired ratio of each sauce (which comes in bottles at the table). The three options are:

  • Tokyo Spicy Sauce – Unique flavor using a secret ratio of jalapenos and Korean chilies
  • Veggito – Mushroom, Napa Cabbage, Onion, garlic base
  • Joon Dashi – Shoyu based soup with beef flavor

2.Pick your Meat/Veggie Combo 


All of their Shabu comes with the option of black rice or udon, a plate of assorted vegetables, and two sauces. You can then choose between a Regular or Large portion of their different cuts of meat such as Angus Beef, Joon Beef, and Chicken. Mix it up with a few of their seafood options as well!

3.Pick your dipping sauce(s)


Joon Shabu Sauce Sampler

The selection consists of 4 different dipping sauces all made in-house:

  • Soyo – Soy, garlic, onion, and olive sauce
  • Ponzu – A traditional Japanese citrus soy sauce
  • Goma – Typically made from peanuts, Joon Shabu’s consists of sesame seeds, sesame oil, soy, and citrus
  • Ninniku – Joon’s version of garlic emulsion sauce with a hint of citrus

4. Cook your items and eat up! 


Dipping time! 

After putting in your order, the only thing left is to dip and cook your raw items into the pot and eat it as you go! The shabu pots are on heated pads at the center of the table and temperature levels can be adjusted for your preference. In addition to their shabu, Joon Shabu also plans to offer a selection of alcoholic drinks like sake, beer, and wine.

Personally, I’m a huge fan of shabu because of how simple and delicious it is! I like cooking at my own pace and being able to really taste the quality of these meats instead of drowning them in flavors. What’s your favorite shabu shabu restaurant? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Recommendation: Tokyo Spicy Sauce, Joon Beef, and Ninniku/Ponzu dipping sauces

Location: 2453 Park Ave Irvine, CA 92606

For More Info:


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